Our Grapes To Wine

Alvaro Medrano in La Vista Vineyards

Amy Butler is one of our winery partners. She used our grapes for her ‘09 Grenache Blanc. Here is what she had to say about the grapes:

Ranchero Cellars – 2009 Grenache Blanc

“When I first saw Ken and Marilyn Riding’s La Vista Vineyard, I knew it was the perfect site for the pure, fresh style of Grenache Blanc I wanted to make. In this relatively warm, high-altitude vineyard with dusty white soil and an incredible view of the entire Adelaida region, I saw the potential for Grenache Blanc to not only ripen beautifully but to maintain its considerable acid structure. The Ridings also had the guidance of Alvaro Medrano’s careful hand at farming, which I had come to trust in several other area vineyards. In general, I like to make whites that express the characteristics of the varietal and vineyard, but I also like the palate richness that barrel fermentation brings to the table. I use old, neutral barrels and, with the Grenache Blanc, I do frequent lees stirring to discourage the oxidation that can so easily afflict this variety. Green apple, honey, and quince aromas abound in this wine, bolstered by stone-fruit flavors and culminating in a clean, seamless, flavor-packed finish. I love the way this wine’s refreshing quality pairs easily with light appetizers, and also the way it cuts through the richness of heartier foods.”

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