Spring 2012 News

2012 Spring News at La Vista Vineyards

The 2011 harvest was very good for La Vista Vineyards. We harvested a record (for us) eighty seven (87) tons of fruit for our winery clients. That was actually below what we had initially projected by about ten (10) tons. Most of that short fall came in the Viognier and Zinfandel blocks and resulted from the cool weather all season long and the April 2011 frost. So far in 2012 we have had growing degree days averaging about 160 degrees above 2011 and about 50 degrees above average for growing degree days in our neighborhood. And, although we have received only about eighteen (18) inches of rain the vineyard as a whole looks great. Alvaro Medrano is again doing his job working well with Mother Nature.

In 2011 with the cool spring and summer we did have a couple of blocks that wanted to shut down early. We dropped a lot of fruit, ripe and unripe to coax the sugars to the level we wanted but that meant that we could not deliver all of the quantity that we wanted. So over the winter in those blocks we ripped the soil between the vine rows about eighteen (18) inches deep and spread compost into the open soil. The slow winter rains drove the nutrients in the compost into the ground to the roots of the vines. This Spring those vines look as healthy as all of the other vines in the vineyard with long shoots and plenty of blossoms. Shortly we’ll be seeing fruit set and, I believe, with the warmer 2012 Spring, we’ll also be seeing a very healthy crop of wine grapes.

We’ve had a good 2012 year in selling our fruit. We are sold out of all our varietals except a little bit of Syrah. But it is only the first of June so it will go. As the vineyard matures (we are in the sixth and fifth leaf this year) we are getting a fine concentration of winery buyers. Some of the wineries, Ranchero Cellars and Hug Cellars of Paso Robles, Nipomo Wine Group from Nipomo and Irie Wines (Paraiso Vineyards) from Soledad go all the way back to the third leaf! We are very happy with their loyalty. And best of all, their wines are excellent and show that La Vista Vineyards produces excellent grapes for their excellent wines.

We are also very happy to have had four wineries to join us for the last few years – Nicora Winery, Oso Libre Winery and Thacher Winery. Nicora Winery is making some of the best Grenache and Syrah blends in the area. Their 2010 will contain their first purchase of La Vista Vineyards fruit and the barrel tasting has been magnificent! The Zinfandel that Oso Libre Winery has and is purchasing is going into their wine club selection so if you want to savor a bit of that Zin join their wine club and frequent their fun tasting room on Vineyard Drive. Sherman Thacher makes excellent wines from all of the fruit he purchases so we are expecting some good things from his 2010 and 2011 grape purchases from La Vista Vineyards. Especially some of the Grenach, Grenache Blanc and 2012 Malbec.

As the Spring progresses with fruit set on us now we expect some very fine fruit for the 2012 harvest. We want to meet the expectations of all of our winery partners so that their wines are all excellent.

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